Sunday, 5 October 2008

Klitmøller trip

Morten and I finally got our schedules to match for a Klitmøller surftrip, and the forecast was great with lots of lowpressures passing hopefully resulting in wind and waves

After leaving work early we headed west and arrived in Klitmøller at five o'clock for an spotcheck at the reef -the wind was a bit scetchy but I rigged my 5.3 on my 75 exowave and got a short session in the sunset.

We went back to the house Morten rented from a collegue where we settled in, chopped some wood for the stove and got ourself comfortable.

The forecast for saturday was for lot of wind in the morning from northwest swinging west and souhwest. We arrived at Middles where everybody was sailing 4.0's
While we couldn't decide teh wind made our decision as it eased of just enough for a 4.7
Morten rigged his Kite and I rigged my 4.7 - what a epic day - It was so great that we had no time for photographs !
I later got this photo taken from a videoclip which I managed to get my hands on as well :-)

Talking of hands this is how my hands looked like after 4 hours of intense sailing - damn those officehands.... No need so say that it hurt.

Mats joined us from sweden just in time to get a half and hour as his debut in to waves - talk about thrown in at the deep end - but he did great
We later went to Nr. Vorupør to see if there where a session to be had - Mats was the only one to get out - he borrowed my 9.6 longboard and had a few rides

Sunday we went back to Nr. Vorupør where the conditions where epic, I rigged my 4.7 and got about an hour - with great wave riding - but my hands couldn't handle it ! Lucky for me the wind accelerated to peak winds of 18 m/s so no harm done....

I could then witness a kiter get airborne on the beach, before he crashed down again trying to take out a windsurfrig on the beach with his head, on his way towards the water - just missing three guys standing with their back to "the action" and also missing that large concrete pillard on the photo where a family stood - I dont even dare to think about what could have happened - but everybody where unharmed - but I suppose the kiter was a bit sore the next day !

After having some late lunch we headed east again after a truly epic weekend.